4 Reasons Why 2021 Is the Year of The Cloud

Many predicted that 2021 would be the year cloud computing took the business world by storm, and as the year approaches its halfway point, even some of the more optimistic forecasts are beginning to look somewhat restrained. Here are five reasons why 2021 will be the year of the cloud.

The Industry is Booming

Leading cloud computing providers such as VESK Virtual Desktop have reported sales increasing by around 40% in the first four months of 2021, and according to Visiongain, “the value of the global cloud computing services market in 2021 will reach $35.6 billion.”

The Cost Is Getting Lower All the Time

Whilst some larger businesses switch to the cloud mainly for strategic reasons, reducing IT costs remains a prime motivation for most SMEs, and the savings available by using cloud storage services, virtual desktop systems and other cloud technology are growing month to month. As competition in the cloud computing market increases and the infrastructure that supports the cloud expands, the cost will continue to drop.

Departments Are Controlling Their Own IT Budgets

The days of IT departments being run from dusty basements by socially awkward, scruffily-dressed nerds may not be completely behind us, but there is definitely a trend towards IT becoming more integrated into other departments, rather than being run as a separate entity with its own objectives and budget. That means that Finance Directors, Marketing Directors and other departmental decision makers can begin putting their own resources into the cloud, rather than relying on investment through a central IT spend.

The Myths Are Being Dispelled

Sometimes it simply takes time for people to familiarise themselves with new technology. Cloud computing is no longer a brand new concept; it’s a proven technology with a growing pool of advocates, and trust will only increase as more organisations embrace the cloud.

Increasingly, misconceptions about cloud computing are being dispelled, and the businesses that recognize the strategic and financial benefits are reaping the rewards.

With the cloud now a proven success for a growing number of organisations around the world, it’s clear that no-one wants to be left behind.