Why have we created Cloud Computing Central community?

In the last few years people and organizations started to adopt Cloud Computing as an industry standard, some organizations decided to say in public “We are Cloud first organization”, others started with developers environments and pre-production workloads and now moving the entire infrastructure to the Cloud.

When we asked people to recommend us for good community with active users and great discussion the response was “LinkedIn group are pretty much broken” or “Active group in LinkedIn, seems to be pretty much an oxymoron these days”.

We have created Cloud Computing Central for Cloud experts around the world to contribute knowledge and guidance to other Cloud users who want to adopt the Cloud or having trouble understanding key features in the various cloud providers.
If you want to share your Cloud knowledge,  join us today as Cloud expert and start to contribute technical articles, HOW-TO guides and much more via “submit article” page
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Background on Azure Sphere tenant concept
An Azure Sphere tenant provides a secure way for your organization to remotely manage its Azure Sphere devices in isolation from other customers' devices. Your organization...
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Azure portal October update
The following updates were made to the Azure portal in October 2018:  Portal shell and UI User experience refresh Account, subscription, and directory management improvements...
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Deleting abandoned AKS clusters
We've recently discovered that a few Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) deployments have been left abandoned after customers deleted the resource group that contained all the...
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General availability: Standard Load Balancer in Azure China cloud
Azure Standard Load Balancer is now generally available in Azure China cloud regions.   Standard Load Balancer offers resiliency and ease of use for all your virtual machine...
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Amazon Connect Now Supports Service-Linked Roles
Today, Amazon Connect is introducing support for using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) service-linked roles, a new type of IAM role that allows you...
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Azure DevTest Labs: Configure enforcing auto shutdown schedule for your lab
As a lab owner, you can now configure enforcing a shutdown schedule for all the virtual machines in your lab so that you can save...
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Cloud Computing Glossary

Introducing Cloud Computing Glossary!
Cloud Computing Central pleased to provide this comprehensive glossary, which defines the key terminology that applies to cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS). The purpose of our cloud computing glossary is to help our users better understand the cloud computing paradigm.

The terms in our glossary are complete definitions that accurately describe cloud computing and its related terms and concepts.

Start exploring Cloud Computing Glossary!